Homeowners and Landlords can now claim to have FREE cavity and loft insulation installed in their properties. The video above explains how this ECO3 Funding works.

Our secure Chatbot will tell you if you qualify (80% do!) and it will also give you the details of your local ECO3 Surveyor, who will be more than happy to call you back should you have any questions – All this within 2 minutes!

Coronavirus lockdown means we are collecting details and answering questions by phone/email for now. When we are allowed to come and complete the survey, we will do so. As we will be busy catching up, it is best that you use the chatbot to let us know about you and your property – We will then call you as soon as our diary becomes free.

It all starts with you finding out if you qualify and booking your FREE ECO3 Survey.

Everything is FREE and will save you money every year – So Book NOW!


The two most common questions asked are:

“What does this all cost?” and “What Type of Cavity Wall Insulation is used?”

This video explains all the details you need to know about the costs and the cavity wall insulation. It uses Bonded Thermabeads and does NOT cause any damp problems in the property. Watch to the end as this section clearly shows how bonded beads are able to stop moisture passing through your cavity wall. Landlords concerned about their Rental Properties complying with MEES can use this insulation to improve their EPC ratings too.

This is ideal money saving for homeowners, Landlords and of course Tenants – All aimed at improving the value and energy efficiency of property while saving CO2 emissions from going into the atmosphere.

ECO3 Property Improvements are good for everyone! Book your Survey NOW!

The letter you see below is a copy of one sent out by Cornwall Council which confirms that they are working alongside Baxter Kelly to provide FREE assistance to homes that meet their criteria. The Chatbot above will take you through the questions and allow you to confirm if you can be helped.

We have put this letter onto the web site to provide you with evidence that this is a ‘real’ scheme and that the Local Councils are behind this as they want to help whoever qualifies as quickly as possible.

Our Surveyor will be working on behalf of Baxter Kelly in Cornwall to get your survey completed as painlessly as possible.